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For those looking to do their projects themselves, SeaSide Landscaping also offers product deliveries of raw materials such as Mulch, Loam, Stone, etc. Call for pricing and details.

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Spring Clean Up and Lawn Care

What is a "Spring Clean Up"

A typical spring clean up and spring lawn care consists of the following: Raking and/or dethatching of the lawn areas to remove winter kill and excess thatch from the lawn. Picking up and disposal of trash, debris, sticks, left-over leaves, etc. from lawn and planting beds around property.

What other "Spring" services might be needed or desirable?

Other services that are great for spring time are as follows:

  • Lawn Care, fertilization, weed control, lawn insect control for grubs, ticks, fleas, and more.
  • Edging and mulching of existing beds - Edging helps define the bed and provide distinct separation between the mulch bed and the lawn area. Each year, mulch breaks down and disolves, therefore a fresh coat of mulch provides needed support for plants by aiding in weed control, irrigation, and aesthetics.
  • Aeration and/or Overseeding
  • Lime, Fertilizer, and Weed Control applications. SeaSide Landscaping can set up a program for you to provide support and protection to your lawn.
  • Pruning - Many plants are best pruned before they bud or blossom in the spring and are easier to manage before they are loaded with foliage.
  • Drainage - Spring rains and snow thaws often highlight areas of a property where added drainage is needed. Allow us to assist you in this before the summers intense rain storms and hurricane season approach.
  • Planting of annuals and additional perennials - Summer is about beauty. Many of the prettiest blossoms require the seasonal planting and daily or weekly maintenance to provide peak beauty. Sit back and enjoy your property, knowing that SeaSide Landscaping has arranged for trained gardeners to install and maintain your beautiful gardens.

Summer Landscape Maintenance

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both lawns below are mowed weekly. The competition lawn is mowed only with larger mowers, no clippings are bagged, there is no irrigation, and no fertilizer program. The lawn on the left that SeaSide Landscaping mows is irrigated, mowed with bagging mowers in a different direction each week, fertilized, treated for weeds, and kept at a consistent mowing height so as to not shock the grass or burn it out.

You make the call, which would you rather lay your picnic blanket down on.....


As you can see, the lawn on the left has been meticulously maintained by SeaSide Landscaping using quality, professional equipment in the hands of skilled operators who take the time to make it look beautiful before they leave.  The lawn on the left is mowed once a week at a high rate of speed without regard for overall beauty, just mow, go, collect a check.

Seasonal Specials

Aeration $99.00

Aerate your lawn to promote heartier, healthier turf.

(offer details)

Lawn Renovation - Combine Aeration and Overseeding to fill in sparse and thin areas in your lawn. Re-claim those "hard to grow" patches.(details)



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