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For those looking to do their projects themselves, SeaSide Landscaping also offers product deliveries of raw materials such as Mulch, Loam, Stone, etc. Call for pricing and details.

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Core Aeration

How It Works

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Here is a list of some of the benefits of aerating your turf areas:

Improves lawn density and promotes deeper root growth
Aeration increases the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the root zone area stimulating new root development and encouraging thicker turf growth. Your lawn will be healthier and greener throughout the growing season.

More beneficial than "de-thatching"
Soil aeration promotes the decomposition of thatch while also improving the soil structure. Aeration also does not leave the lawn in the stressed and unsightly condition that de-thatching often does.

Recommended for overseeding
For existing lawn renovation or overseeding, aeration is ideal for creating lodging places for the seed to germinate.

Reduces the possibility of disease and insect infestation
Lawn aeration relieves the disease-creating effects of soil compaction and increases the decomposition of thatch to reduce this insect and disease-breeding habitat. Aeration is much safer and less costly than corrective chemical treatments.

Promotes the decomposition of thatch
Removing cores of soil and thatch increases the infiltration of air and water into the thatch layer. This will encourage condition favoring micro-organism activity that breaks down accumulated thatch.

Increased nutrient and water retention
Aeration opens up the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to move into the root zone. Aeration also "prunes" the roots creating more root growth and a greener, healthier turf.


Seasonal Specials

Aeration $99.00

Aerate your lawn to promote heartier, healthier turf.

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Lawn Renovation - Combine Aeration and Overseeding to fill in sparse and thin areas in your lawn. Re-claim those "hard to grow" patches.(details)



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