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For those looking to do their projects themselves, SeaSide Landscaping also offers product deliveries of raw materials such as Mulch, Loam, Stone, etc. Call for pricing and details.

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Overseeding Your Lawn

How It Works

Bring New Live to Your Lawn

Throughout the years, established turf can deteriorate from the presence of weak varieties, disease, drought, insect damage, poor soil conditions or thatch buildup. Renovation can bring new life to your lawn

The use of a machine known as a slit-seeder to seed a new lawn area or overseed an existing area. Slit-seeders utilize a series of vertically rotating discs to cut small grooves into the soil while depositing seed into the grooves just behind the discs. It is an excellent means of seeding and helps insure the seed-to-soil contact necessary for successful establishment.

The lawn you depend on to enhance your home's beauty, to give your children a place to play, to create a healthier environment needs special attention.

What is Renovation?
Renovation replaces deteriorated turf with new, improved, better adapting grasses. By seeding improved varieties into the existing lawn, the stand is improved without the inconvenience and greater cost of re-establishing a new lawn.

Advantages to Renovation
Reasonable Cost - Although the cost of renovation denned on the condition and size of your lawn, renovation is often the most cost effective procedure for long-term improvement. Ask us for an estimate.

Minimum Erosion - Since old turf remains in place, soil erosion is minimal.

Less Disruption - Since soil is not turned over, fewer rocks and weeds will be brought to the surface. Since new turf is protected by the old turf, light foot traffic can be supported on the area immediately following renovation.

Healthier Turf - With the elimination of weeds and undesirable grasses and the introduction of improved turfgrass species, as well as establishment of a stronger strand of grass, your newly renovated lawn will be healthier and more resistant to infestations of weeds, insects and diseases.

Seasonal Specials

Aeration $99.00

Aerate your lawn to promote heartier, healthier turf.

(offer details)

Lawn Renovation - Combine Aeration and Overseeding to fill in sparse and thin areas in your lawn. Re-claim those "hard to grow" patches.(details)



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